Social responsibility

As part of our interest in supporting towards social responsibility projects, part of the profits of this company are directed to the areas described below. If you wish to collaborate with any of these projects, any donation is welcome, please contact management.

Scholarship program:

The Rotary Club of Antigua has a very well structured Scholaship Program that grant scholaship in elementary and  high school education for kids from villages around Antigua.  They interview the potential kids, looking for good aptitudes and leadership.  During the school years, they receive all the school  supplies they need, and are monitored to keep a good grade to keep the scholarship.  They are oriented so they learn job skills.

The main needs now are:

1. Funds  to grant more children; education is so needed in Guatemala.

2. Funds for hire a psychologist since these kids live in troubled homes.

3. Funds for grant University loans, so they can be proffessionals, and they pay the money back, so it can sustainable and grant more students.

WE INVITE YOU TO SUPPORT THIS PROGRAM   or facebook/rotaryantigua


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Social responsibility

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