Antigua has become a destination to enjoy of the best gastronomy of international quality, with ifferent styles that offer a wide variety and an excellent quality. To find a list of the best restaurants, please click on the following website:, where you can find detailed menus with prices from the restaurants. Now they are also offering home delivery from most of the Antigua restaurants, ideal if you do not want to cook or go out and want to stay in the suite and eat at the dining room of your unit.

Our recommendation according to style of cuisine:

French Cuisine:

  • Tartines, classic, very good.
  • Como Como, different with good flavor, Belgian style.
  • Bistrot Cinq, excellent food
  • La Casserole, very good, they promote Antigua made wine: Chataeu Defay, is very good.
  • Luna de Miel, very tasty sweet or salty crepes.

Guatemalan Cuisine:

  • La fonda de la Calle Real, very good tipical food.
  • La Cueva de los Urquizu, ready meals just to serve (not on the website but is located in front of the “Convento Capuchinas”).
  • Café La Escalonia, salads, sandwiches, and coffee shop, inside a nice garden! 

International Cuicine:

  • 39 Azul, new, great, Nordic Europe style, don´t miss it.
  • Meson Panza Verde, one of the best in Antigua and it is just around the corner!
  • Hector´s, cozy, small, but very good food!
  • El Sereno, very good with a romantic ambiance.
  • Epicure, good food and delicatessen, the desserts are magnificent!
  • Café Sky, very good place to have breakfast or watch the sunset at the terrace.
  • Sabe Rico, fresh food in a unique countryside ambiance.

Italian Cuisine:

  • El Cazador Italiano, the best of all the Italian restaurants!
  • El Punto, very good pasta and pizza.

Cocina Oriental:

  • Gaia, very good Arab food in an ambiance according to its typical style.

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